Speed dating vs online dating

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Speed dating vs online dating

I cover two venues in southeast England for one of the largest dating companies in the country.Speed-dating has become ironic; it’s actually one of the slowest forms of dating around.Some would probably not survive a dating app flick session.Some are bald, some are overweight, and a few are gorgeous.However, at least if you have been getting to know someone virtually you have already broken the ice.Speed dating can be quite awkward especially if you feel everyone else at the event is more gorgeous, glamorous, sociable and bubbly than you are, damn them, or if you don’t hit it off with the person sat opposite you and seriously can’t think of anything to say.Speed-daters, by contrast, have on any given night around 10 potential matches.

Everyone is there for the same reason; they are trying to find someone just like you are.

You set up a carefully crafted profile that presents a face to the world that you are happy to display and you never have to provide spontaneous answers to probing questions.

You can take your time to answer any messages and think about how you wish to answer without worrying that you’ll blurt out some ridiculous nonsense that you’ll never live down.

I spend half an hour setting up the room, putting café numbers on the tables, and writing out name badges.

Then the daters arrive, in ones and twos, slowly filling the bar.

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In our increasingly fast paced world, dating in many ways is becoming progressively easier and more high tech. It tends to take place in a glitzy and sophisticated bar and you get to dress up to the nines, and take a friend along to provide Dutch courage!

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