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Those that do express their affection are the ones worth a second chance.If you’re anything like me, then the opposite sex can seem really confusing. It's usually our fault that we fail to understand what men want and understand their feelings.For example, you can say something like“Yes, I’m doing okay, thank you.Still, I do miss our morning conversations, you always made me smile.”That lets him know that you’re at least not completely over him and he might still have a chance.It also doesn’t put you in a position of pursuing him.

If he’s hanging out in the places you introduced him to, then you can be assured that he wants give the relationship another go. Get his attention by offering him a seat at your table, or invite him into a conversation where you make room for him to sit and be comfortable with you.I’ve never known a man to call up an ex girlfriend just to see if she’s okay unless he’s really thinking of her and missing her.Checking on you is a sure sign he’s thinking of you.There are some men who are thrilled to just tell you up front that they love and miss you and can’t live without you. For the most part, however, men aren’t nearly that open about their feelings and you have to sort through the signs and messages to really figure out what he’s feeling.Or you can give them a little nudge and make him realize what he’s missing out.

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Perhaps he's not over you but you're not sure if those hints are real.

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