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Pigeon john is dating your sister megaupload

Air France and Air Mexico flights were discussed as specific targets as early as 2005, based on possible terrorist threats to these airlines.

Source documents: Intelligently filtering your data: Brazil and Mexico case studies Computer-Network Exploitation Successes South of the Border Related articles: Commentary: The world’s best cyber army doesn’t belong to Russia, by James Bamford, 9 August 2016, GCHQ’s JTRIG unit used a link shortener in an attempt to influence online activists at the time of the 2009 Iranian presidential elections and the Arab Spring.

In late 2003, insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq had caused issues for the agency with their use of “high powered cordless phones”, which could be used to denotate IEDs as well as for communication.

Later disclosures by other whistleblowers shed light on some of the tools governments are employing in response to this issue.

Revealed documents: Blarney Program TDY Handbook FAIRVIEW TDY Handbook FAIRVIEW Dataflow Diagrams Special Source Operations: Corporate Partner Access DNI Processing of RINGBILL Access SSO Web (U) Blarney SKIDROWE – Low Speed DNI Processing Solution Replacing WEALTHYCLUSTER2 Related articles: Titanpointe: The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain View, by Ryan Gallagher and Henrick Moltke, 16 November 2016 in the , New Zealand based company Endace are revealed as a supplier to GCHQ and other intelligence agencies, including Morocco’s DGST which has been singled out by Amnesty and others for human rights abuses.

The company supplies equipment that allows telecoms providers to make their systems “intercept capable” and analysis of previously-released documents from the Snowden archive suggests that Endace-supplied equipment played a critical role in enabling the agency to dramatically expand its surveillance of undersea cables between 20.

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While Japan houses and part-funds three NSA bases on its territory and shares access to tools like XKEYSCORE, the US agency also spies on the Japanese government and institutions.