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Without hesitation I would recommend IVHQ for first timers abroad as well as people who are very experienced travellers, you will be hosted with the best Kenyans around.

The IVHQ Kenya volunteer program is based in Nairobi with volunteer placements located in suburban Nairobi and Kibera (the largest slum in Africa), Nakuru, Mombasa and rural Kenyan villages.

The children love interacting with volunteers and will be sure to keep you on your feet!

Your tasks may include teaching classes alongside local teachers in Math, English, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Art and Physical Education.

If you are interested in health and hygiene education, there are schools that offer after school classes in this area for older students.

The aim of the Childcare project in Kenya is to provide much-needed assistance in childcare centers in Kenya which can host between 15 and 100 children at any one time.

Due to the high incidences of illness and poverty in Kenya, the centers are always busy and there is a high demand for volunteer assistance.

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The Spread The Spread is a daring podcast hosted by Kenyan celebrities Kaz and Nini Wacera.

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