Is miranda lambert and blake shelton dating

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Keep in mind that Gavin Rossdale reportedly had an affair with the couple's nanny, which Gwen is said to have discovered after a personal message between Gavin and the nanny was synced to a tablet that she viewed.

Having only had one serious boyfriend before she married Gavin, Gwen Stefani is the sort who takes marriage very seriously. So if Blake alleged that Miranda Lambert had put him through something similar, then he accuses her of cheating.

He wanted it: People has reported it was Blake Shelton who wanted a divorce, while Miranda was hoping to give their marriage more time to heal and wanted a trial separation - they are pictured here at the 57th Grammy Awards this year Cheating rumours: The pair also had to deal with allegations they had both strayed, which they denied, as well as the pressures of a long distance relationship down to Blake's role on NBC's The Voice - they are pictured here at the 56th Grammy Awards According to Us, it was Blake's role on NBC's The Voice which put a lot of pressure on them not only distance wise, but also because while he was enjoying the extra added fame, it was not something Miranda wanted.

Business ties: It was claimed Miranda and Chris Young (pictured in 2010), were more than just friends, which he said was not true - however they are said to have shared the same manager, are on the same label and toured together in 2012Suspicion: Sources told TMZ that it was just not Chris who motivated the divorce because Blake was tipped off about 'certain information' relating to the second man; Miranda and Blake are pictured here at the CMA's in 2014'They rotate in and out,' Chris told The Boot in 2012.

It’s been more than two years since the power couple filed for a divorce and until now all they did was to allegedly sing about revenge songs, do public digs and trash talk each other to their pals.

A source revealed to that there is still a lot bad blood and unresolved anger between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

"Blake blindsided her with the divorce and drove her out of their home." Remember -- her belongings were literally placed outside.

That might be a very dramatic or even funny or satisfying scene in a romantic comedy, but that's not appropriate in real life.

There are theories that they might be racing towards marriage so that they can beat Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to the punch.

Blake tweeted his support for Brooks just a few hours after Miranda and Anderson criticized the Country Music Hall of Famer on Instagram.

Their opposing point of views may be a sign that a new feud between the former husband and wife has started.

'She has her two dogs, Delta and Cher, that are on the road all the time, but every couple of weeks, we’ll have another dog out that will be hanging out.

She has great animals, too, she’s definitely an animal person.

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That might make great fodder for Country music, but their conflict and hurt feelings can't be great for them, personally -- even though they're both moving on with their lives, careers, and new partners.

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