Free server sex chat rooms

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Free server sex chat rooms

You can use DBabble to insert links into your existing web pages so that your customers can click on a link to initiate a one on one private chat with particular DBabble users or a random online member of a particular DBabble group of users.

If you are using the DBabble windows client and are either not connected to DBabble or haven't moved your mouse or typed anything on your computer recently, then the link inserted into your web page will automatically state that you are not currently available.

A single DBabble chat server can support thousands of simultaneous online users and can optionally be isolated from outside communication. The appearance of the Windows client is also customizable and you can even change almost every piece of text visible to your users.

You can either download the fully functional but time limited server, try it out yourself on our public server at or read more about features of DBabble below. You can easily change the name from DBabble to whatever you want (e.g. DBabble users can be either authenticated via a POP server, use DBabble's built in authentication system, or an external authentication module.

When a user sends a message, it does not disappear from their screen until it has been successfully delivered to every recipient's account on the server.

A connected client can not remain connected for more than a few seconds if it has not received every message waiting to be delivered to it.

DBabble provides discussion groups that can be created by any user who has permission to do so.

Administrators can optionally impose user quotas to limit storage space.

DBabble provides chat rooms that can be created by any user who has permission to do so.

A chat room can optionally be made private so that only specified users have access to it.

If you have any questions or need any help at all please email us at [email protected] we will be happy to help you. Netwin have available external authentication modules for Unix Passwords, NT Passwords, My SQL, LDAP and more.

You can even write your own external authentication module to be used by DBabble.

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