Disable updating pending checkins

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Disable updating pending checkins

I just updated Source Tree to version and I'm seeing something weird.

My repository is saying that there are uncommitted changes but nothing is pending. I entered "git status" on the command line and received a message that my repo was up to date.

For details about how the data is stored and encrypted, see the security guide. With offline enabled, users can create records for cached objects, edit and delete cached records, and keep track of all offline changes from a central place.

And when the Salesforce app is back online, it automatically syncs pending changes to Salesforce and warns the user of any conflicts they need to resolve.

I finally found one last suggestion, which was to remove the flag that said there were Windows updates to apply.

By default, the mobile browser app is turned on for your organization. You’re officially done configuring all the security settings for the Salesforce mobile app. Well, now that you’ve put these policies in place for your mobile users, it’s a good time to monitor and manage their usage of the Salesforce app, right?

Working on Windows 7 is beginning to feel like a trip down memory lane.

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have some drastic interface differences that working on Windows 7 requires a little refocus.

The app is faster when retrieving records that have previously been cached.

Even if you disable offline, we strongly recommend leaving caching enabled unless your company’s security policy explicitly prohibits data caching on mobile devices.

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I also ran system file checker and check disk from the Windows Installer repair tool when booting to a Windows 7 install DVD.

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