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They’ve tried to criticise the process with the aim of blowing smoke at the issue to provide cover for the fact that the Committee’s conclusions are hard to fault. Already, disabled people’s organisations have attacked the Government’s written response to the Committee for glossing over problems in these areas, while failing to answer the questions they have raised. The problem is that it ’t any examples of that given. But cuts to it that restrict its availability, and therefore limit the ability of disabled people to access justice, are not. No, you are doing some PR and hoping people won’t notice the reality of life for disabled people on the ground. And, as a result of this Government’s policies, it’s getting harder.

Disability Rights UK had this to say: “Many of the Government’s answers have a tone of complacency at best and high-handed evasion at worst. The Government’s paper often goes into detail about the support that is supposed to be offered (imagine if you were disabled in Africa! There is nothing concrete on how disabled people can access that right to independent living under the convention, and, of course, nothing to answer the criticisms of the cuts to support under welfare reform that have served to restrict it. To access even the limited support that there is to be able to enjoy the sort of life non-disabled people take for granted – benefits that are supposed to level the playing field, a blue badge, help with getting a job, legal protection, protection from abuse – requires navigating the sort of course that even Grand National0winning super-jockey Ruby Walsh might baulk at.

It’s hard to get even a fraction of the issues facing disabled people into just one column. However, I can very easily sum up the Government ’s 11,000-word, 34-page missive. Liberty Mutual is no stranger to the Federal Courts as they are sued numerous times every years as a result of unreasonable disability claim denials.On any given day our law firm has multiple Liberty Mutual Appeals and lawsuits pending on behalf of clients located throughout the country.We think we are protected by buying additional insurance; it’s false: they will take our money and when we need help they will deny everything just to pay us back. Liberty Mutual put in so much of stress, pain, that I am going through major depression.They have no remorse when an ill person needs help. When it’s time to give, they will take, when it’s time to give, we are the victim. I have been going under so much financial stress ’cause of Liberty Mutual.

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on the subject of disabled parking (“Blue badge spaces don’t exist over there! The subtext to the argument that I’m paraphrasing (it was deleted quickly and I’m happy to say the poster was quickly shot down, go mums!

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